Monkey Studio IDE The way IDEs should be
Monkey Studio (MkS) is a cross platform IDE written in C++/Qt 4.
It's primary goal was to be a Qt 4 only IDE, but it evoluate a way to support Qt development and any kind of project.
See the About page for more informations.
Finally, you can meet team's members here.

Donate to Monkey Studio

You can now support our work by making a donation. This money will be used to cover costs incurred working on the project. (i.e. cost of the domain name)

-- Currently we got 5 euro and bought a bottle of wine.

The website has moved to, this place will be kept for 6months, then the domain will start to redirect to the new url. finally, in 12months the domain will be dropped, making the only one offered.
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PyQt plugin available in svn

Hey !

The PyQt plugin is now available in the svn (v2/branches/dev).
It allow you to create and manage Qt 4 applications using your (probably) preferred binding.
We provide severals templates (gui application, console application, qobject herited class and designer form herited class) for helping you in this task.

As the plugin is pretty new, all feedbacks are welcome !

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Website update


I had updated the core drupal and third party modules this night.
Some recommended third party modules updates was buggy making my night ... a nightmare : The captcha and gallery was down.
I finally fixed all that, allowing the registration and others relating things works again.

Sorry for the troubles, and good navigation on the MkS website :)

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Navigator for PHP files

Some time ago Nieradzik Tim asked about feature "Add class browser support for PHP files"
I was really surprised, because I thought it works.
Today I checked - some of ctags parsers not worked in last time, so, Navigator not worked for PHP, HTML and other 4 languages. Now it's fixed. I hope, we will not have problems with building on Windows.

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Project timeline

MkS development process was chaotic and without any strategies in first time. I and P@sNox usually made things, which we need more than others until now, and which we know how to do.
Often decision to write some module was made in one minute, just because someone asked/said about it.
It was a wrong way, as result - now we have a lot of advanced features of IDE, but we just are only advanced text editor, because haven't usable debugger. I and P@sNox yesterday night tried to fix this situation, and develop some plane of further development, that we call "Timeline".

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New Search and Replace engine

Before New Year I worked under new Search and Replace engine. Now it's 80% rewritten.
Internally - I moved it from MkS core to plugin, and made code factoring. Now it consists 4 parts (classes) business logic, main user interface, search thread, dock with search results. Business logic don't mixed with user interface.
For user there is now are 3 sensible changes:

  • Possibility to replace all matches in a directory, not only in the file
  • No freeze when searching in directory
  • Incremental search.

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Inline Help using Qt Assistant Plugin

Few days ago I played a little with the QtHelp module, and some new features to add to the Qt Assistant plugin came to my mind : index based help and search based help.
What does that mean ? simply that you now have inline help using F1 or Shift-F1 (by default) on a selected word (or simply having the cursor in a word) !
The index based help will open the index corresponding to the current word in the Qt Assistant "Index" tab while the search based help will make a true search in all Qt Assistant docs and display the search result.

Enjoy ;)

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Qt Assistant plugin


After a couple of hours I finally rewrote completely the Qt Assistant plugin.
It now relies on the Qt Help module and is totally compatible with the stand alone Qt Assistant.
Meaning that you will be able to share bookmarks, zoom, fonts and historic properties between MkS and Qt Assistant.
It's available in the dev branch.

Enjoy !

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New MkS home page

Welcome to the new MkS home page.
After some meetings with the team members we decided that we needed a more community like home page.
It's now done as we now provide a drupal based one.
You should no longer have to register into each module, your drupal account will allow you to use all available modules.

We hope you will like the new home page !

Regards, The MkS Team

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