Monkey Studio IDE The way IDEs should be
Monkey Studio (MkS) is a cross platform IDE written in C++/Qt 4.
It's primary goal was to be a Qt 4 only IDE, but it evoluate a way to support Qt development and any kind of project.
See the About page for more informations.
Finally, you can meet team's members here.

Donate to Monkey Studio

You can now support our work by making a donation. This money will be used to cover costs incurred working on the project. (i.e. cost of the domain name)

-- Currently we got 5 euro and bought a bottle of wine.

The website has moved to, this place will be kept for 6months, then the domain will start to redirect to the new url. finally, in 12months the domain will be dropped, making the only one offered.
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Debugger for MkS

Currently I am trying to port (steal ;) ) the Qt Creator debugger plugin, for use it with the MkS.
Today I've got a simple application, which contains unmodified code of the original debugger, and could load it and show it's UI and main menu. The current goal - a fully functional standalone (no Qt Creator, no MkS) debugger based on the debugger plugin codebase.
I think, 35% of work is done.
Sources are there:

Update 05.12.2009
Screenshot creatordebugger2.png

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MkS svn repository - revision 3000

Today our subversion repository has an jubilee -revision 3000

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MkS Timeline ( aka project next tasks )

Some months ago, we spoken about MkS timeline, witch is a general list of next tasks to do for next versions.
After some talk with the team, we finally agree for the current time line and we have created a wiki page for that.
You can read it here.
The debugger is already under progress by hlamer, and I (PasNox) nearly finished the new "code source indexing framework" used by the new Class Browser ( and later the auto completion system ).
You can enjoy ( as testing purpose :p ) the new class browser using branches/dev svn part.

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New suffixes associations manager available.

As some of you already read, we have introduce MkS Shell.
I now finish the migration of the file suffixes associations manager to shell api meaning you can now manage all that using mks scripts.
As usual, you can see that in the current branches/dev part of the svn.

By the way, i have scheduled abbreviations and associations UI editors rework in the internal time line of the project, if you have some good ideas for the new UIs, you can contact us for mokups.

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Introducing MkS Shell & new abbreviations manager based on it


Today i want to inform you about a new great thing in MkS, MkS Shell.
This is a kind of command interpreter like bash, but very limited to execute users defined command, via it's own api.
Actually i have made a console widget that allow users to play with the shell, you can discover that in the branches/dev part.
The new abbreviations manager now take advantage of the shell, and all abbreviations are defined at start up via a dedicated script (abbreviations.mks).
The shell integration is really a new enjoyable thing that allow to script MkS itself (according we provide a lot of comm

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Internal scripting interface

Currently MkS developed only in C++ programming language, all data and is hardcoded in code, all plugins is written on C++/Qt.

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Interview from Polik regarding MkS

Some time ago (some long time ago) a guy named Polik sent us a list of questions regarding MkS and its evolution.
After some months I finally take the time to answer them, it result of a wiki page readable by everybody.
If you are interested in the interview and MkS itself, you can read it here.

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Immediate aviability of release

Nearly two months have passed since the last Christmas Edition of MkS. This month MkS Team spent most time on fixing bugs and polishing existing functionality, resulting to a new release : Monkey Studio

Next changes have been made:

  • PyQt plugin, which allows to work with PyQt projects
  • Replace text in directory feature
  • A lot of bugs was fixed
  • GNU Debugger plugin have been removed due to instability.

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