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The first public release of Enki

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I started mksv3 project 2 years ago. It those time, it was not clear if it will be next version of MkS or separate project.
You can read about it here

Now the project got it's own name: Enki, and it's own website:

During 2 years I've made few releases. But, project was mentioned only here and in few mailing lists. I didn’t do any public announcements. Because the project was not ready. Not better, than other text editors. But, now I think it is right time. This is already not a prototype, but really useful software.

10 August 2012. Enki birthday!



Are you planning on making it easy to run (or maybe support OOTB) beautifiers? I am searching for a lightweight javascript editor with such a feature.

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What is a "beautifier"? A

What is a "beautifier"? A code formatter? Of course, I'm planing it.
I won't be able to do it soon, but you can help me and create a plugin ;)

Windows build?

Are you considering doing a Windows build aswell? Would be great to have it on both linux and windows (dont flame me for this...)

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Yes, I'm planing it. But, not

Yes, I'm planing it. But, not for this version.
Currently Enki is written in Python, but depends on binary (C++) QScintilla. I hope, I'll be able to work without it later. So, it will be easy to make Windows releases without any binary code.

Re: Yes, I'm planing it. But, not Ye

I don't think that a pure python IDE is a good idea. But It is your decision.