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June 2009

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MkS Release


MkS is happy to announce you the availability of a new MkS release :
You can read the complete news here :

Packagers, translators, please update your packages if needed ;)

Monkey Studio Team,

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MkS Team is proud to annouce the aviability of a new stable MkS version :
It's only marked beta because it does not contains all functionalities we want to add to the final version.
The last release was containing some bugs that we did not discovered at time because of the need to release quickly a Qt 4.5.x compatible version of MkS.
This release bring new functionalities and fix many bugs and is a beta of the upcoming
The complete code has been back ported to be compilable from Qt 4.4.x and up.
The windows installer and mac os x universal bundle now come

adding custom include path

im trying to compile a little app wich uses a custom widget, but i need to add it's includes to the project
How is it done in monkeystudio?

Best Regards


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MkS officially introduced in Debian Sid

Yeah !

Monkey Studio IDE has been officially added in the Debian Sid repository, that mean that you no longer need extra repository to install it !
Just open your package manager and install monkeystudio package.
You can get more informations about the introduction and packages here.
This open the door to the next (x)ubuntu version (Karmic) introduction as well :).

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IRC Support interrupted

It's sad, Freenode ( our IRC channel provider ) does no longer accept Mibbit webchat to connect their server.
A direct result of that is that the actual IRC Support tab does no longer let you connect to our irc channel.
In the mainwhile you can connect using their own webchat locate at this address :
Use your mks site login and connect to the 'monkeystudio' channel.

I will update the IRC Support tab shortly.