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April 2009

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MkS & Qt 4.5.x on recents Linux distributions


Some of you may already see the problem but for the others here is the current problem :
Due to important changes in the Qt 4.5.x library & QScintilla, MkS will most likely not works well ( ui bugs and unusable embed Designer ).
We already fixed all all major problem in the svn v2/branches/dev.
I have some small bugs to fixe and we will release a new version approximatively the next week.
The actual debian package ( and probably all others ) are no longer compatible.
You have 2 way of getting that fixed :

  • 1/ Get the svn copy from path : v2/branches/dev, patch the config.pri fi
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Debugger for MkS

Currently I am trying to port (steal ;) ) the Qt Creator debugger plugin, for use it with the MkS.
Today I've got a simple application, which contains unmodified code of the original debugger, and could load it and show it's UI and main menu. The current goal - a fully functional standalone (no Qt Creator, no MkS) debugger based on the debugger plugin codebase.
I think, 35% of work is done.
Sources are there:

Update 05.12.2009
Screenshot creatordebugger2.png

MonkeyStudio2 in AUR (Arch Linux)

My name is Phil Miller and I'm one of the Maintainer of chakra-project.
I just added MonkeyStudio2 to AUR the user repository of ARCH:

monkeystudio 1

stable rls

monkeystudio 2

stable rls

svn rls

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MkS svn repository - revision 3000

Today our subversion repository has an jubilee -revision 3000

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MkS Timeline ( aka project next tasks )

Some months ago, we spoken about MkS timeline, witch is a general list of next tasks to do for next versions.
After some talk with the team, we finally agree for the current time line and we have created a wiki page for that.
You can read it here.
The debugger is already under progress by hlamer, and I (PasNox) nearly finished the new "code source indexing framework" used by the new Class Browser ( and later the auto completion system ).
You can enjoy ( as testing purpose :p ) the new class browser using branches/dev svn part.

Reconnaissance syntaxique de R

Bonjour, En "compilant" MStudio (avec des résultats par ailleurs satisfaisants) j'ai pu remarquer que la reconnaissance syntaxique de R était supportée , mais que le suffixe R n'était pas un suffixe valide . J'espère que ma découverte récente de MStudio ne m'a pas amené à commettre un acte d'incompétence. Ce besoin de reconnaître (et colorier syntaxiquement) R est d'autant plus grand pour les utilisateurs de R (ils disent les usRs, Rer ou rien étant ridicule) que le seul éditeur libre assumant, aussi bien sous Windows que sous Linux/Unix, cette fonction est (g)vi(m), susceptible de traumati

compiling the plugin source for MSVC-2005

When I tried to compile the latest plugin source code, I got qsciapis.h not found error, I used QT4.4.2 to comile the source code.
I checked it is not there under qscintilla/sdk directory, in this directory only qscintilla.h exists.