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December 2008


If you need others architectures/distributions, please request it using the Contact form.

Ubuntu (also Kubuntu, Xubuntu and derivated)

MkS is included in Ubuntu since the Karmic Koala (9.10) release. You can get it with a simple apt-get install monkeystudio.

However, the packages in the official Ubuntu archive may be outdated. If you want the latest release, you can use the official PPA.

MkS v1 Team

Monkey Studio IDE (v1) contributors

Yannick aka Xiantia works on the debugger Integration (gdb), Julian Fred aka anacr0x is working on the code completion (that need ctags for working), Mashin Evgeniy aka evgenM helps with code indentation and some other stuff, Fathi Boudra aka fabo create the debian packages and finally Merlin Paul aka Eskatos create the gentoo ebuilds

The current MkS Team can be see here.


Author of questions - Dmitriy Valento aka Polik

Each time I spoke about Qt, you must understood it as Qt 4.
Questions have been answered by Filipe AZEVEDO aka P@sNox

  • What is target auditory of MkS?

At start of development, MkS was planed as an IDE for Qt developers, but we decide to create a universal IDE, which can be used for various purposes.
For achieve this goal, MkS have a system of plugins.

Interview about MkS

  • What is target auditory of MkS?


Monkey Studio 2

Monkey Studio 1


If you want to make tutorials, you can use our wiki tutorials page that is located here.

Manuals must be written using html using stylesheet (possible in future we will provide a standard stylesheet file).
You could send archive to contact at monkeystudio dot org with subjects "Manuals". We will review it and convert it to Qt Assistant documentation.


This page will help you set up a svn copy for building svn version of MkS.
It's split in two parts, first one for standard user and second one for team member.
The main repository is split in two parts, v1 for legacy MkS ( prior to 1.7.0 ) and v2 for 1.7.0 and next.
The v2 repository is split into three parts :

  • branches : Daily work is commit there, code always build but not always stable.
  • trunk : Once per month stable code is imported from branches.

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I like MkS, I want to make tutorials, manuals or other things is there a way ?!

Yes, you can read this page for more infos.

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How i can report a bug ?

Lootk at the report bug page.

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Is there a svn or similar system ?

Yes, see this page.