Monkey Studio IDE The way IDEs should be
Monkey Studio (MkS) is a cross platform IDE written in C++/Qt 4.
It's primary goal was to be a Qt 4 only IDE, but it evoluate a way to support Qt development and any kind of project.
See the About page for more informations.
Finally, you can meet team's members here.

Donate to Monkey Studio

You can now support our work by making a donation. This money will be used to cover costs incurred working on the project. (i.e. cost of the domain name)

-- Currently we got 5 euro and bought a bottle of wine.

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How syntax highlighting works

This article was written 1 year ago. I finally found the time to translate it to English

If you are a programmer, you spend a significant amount of your time coding. It doesn’t matter how many buttons or menus or IDE or editor has, the core is a code editor component. Do you know how it works?
This article explains how syntax highlighting in Qutepart (and katepart) works. The article is not about UI, but about the architecture. If you are interested, lets go..

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Enki editor release for Windows

Windows release of Enki is finally out! Thanks to Bryan A. Jones, who has done the majority of work.

Except this, release 14.03.0 contains a lot of bugfixes and improvements.
Download Windows and Linux releases from official site.

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Qutepart - new code editor component for Enki

What is the most important part of a car? I guess an engine. And what is the most important part of text editor or IDE?
I guess a text editor component.

For many years Monkey Studio had been using QScintilla. Enki, derived from MkS, also used to use QScintilla in the first release. And we never have been happy with it. In fact, we have been hating it, but, there are no alternatives for Qt.

Now this problem is resolved for Enki. I created own code editor component - Qutepart

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Monkey Studio IDE Forums moved to Google Groups


The Drupal based forums were never good and totally buggy / broken.
Today we decided to dedicated this tasks to Google Groups and move our forums there.
The new forum url is now:
The old one is still available in read only as a purpose of backup.

Thanks for your understanding, The Monkey Studio Team

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Windows Python/PyQt support improved

After many users reporting python on windows did not worked fine I take the time to improve its support inside Monkey Studio.
I have commited some code in the svn / dev branch (svn://, which now auto detect python/pyqt installations reading the windows registry.
The default commands have been updated too, and these changes affect all operating systems.
You can checkout and build the branch using these commands:

  • svn co svn:// mksdev
  • cd mks dev
  • qmake -r
  • make -j6
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The first public release of Enki

I started mksv3 project 2 years ago. It those time, it was not clear if it will be next version of MkS or separate project.
You can read about it here

Now the project got it's own name: Enki, and it's own website:

During 2 years I've made few releases. But, project was mentioned only here and in few mailing lists. I didn’t do any public announcements. Because the project was not ready. Not better, than other text editors. But, now I think it is right time. This is already not a prototype, but really useful software.

10 August 2012. Enki birthday!

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Monkey Studio IDE Released

Dear MkS users.
MkS team is proud to announce the availability of the Monkey Studio IDE
This is a bug fixe release for the version.
A list of the new improvements and some screenshots can be found here.
You can grab your copy of the new version from here.
Or, from your package manager if you are on Gnu/Linux/Unix like.

We hope you benefit from the new version.
MkS Team.

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Official Ubuntu PPA moved

Hi everyone,

you might not know me, but if you are using Monkey Studio on Debian, Ubuntu or some derivative distribution, I am the guy to blame if something does not work as it should ;)
And today I broke something intentionally. I moved the PPA with the latest Ubuntu packages from my personal Launchpad account to the Monkey Studio group. That gives my fellow developers the possibility to change stuff on their own without waiting for me coming back from vacation, be awake etc.

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